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Longmont's BEST kept secret for LIFTERS


 24/7 access is really cool.  It’s like knowing about a secret passage or being part of an elite club.  It means you can come in to workout whenever you like, even if it’s 3am.  It means putting your own music on the mains.  it means being part of a club that prioritizes working hard and supporting your progress, your PRs, your results.


Great facility. Dropped in during a visit to the area. Drop-in fee was very reasonable. Josh, the owner, was very friendly and responded quickly to emails.


The facility was clean, organized and thankfully, the temp inside was kept nice and cool. I have been on a hunt for a gym like PCF in Longmont for quite sometime. I'm grateful I found them.

Join The Community

How do I get a key for 24/7 access? 

1) Reach out to set up an Orientation with our staff.   
2) Complete sign-up at Orientation.
3) Our staff will make you your key upon sign up. 
4) Start working out!


*Note: if bundling a couple's or family membership, each individual will need to complete an Orientation to receive their key.  

Request Orientation

We will be in touch shortly about scheduling your orientation.




*no sign up fees
*no commitment
 to month
*cancel anytime




*no sign up fees

*no commitment

*month to month

*cancel anytime




*no sign up fees

*no commitment

*month to month

*cancel anytime

Happy Lifting!


24/7 access to the gym.  

competition grade kettlebells ranging from 6 kg-32 kg

dumbbells from 5-75 lbs

free and heavy weights

a variety of unconventional cardio equipment including battle ropes, sled, airbike, and rower

functional training equipment

free Wi-Fi

single, couple, and family memberships

no sign up fees, no long term commitments

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