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Contact the PCF Crew

We started this gym for the underdog like you.

​Maybe you're trying to break free from your current self and you feel stuck.

Maybe you're unhappy with your weight, or you want to stop sitting on the sidelines and become a starter. 

Or maybe you just want a little less fat, a little more muscle tone and whole lot more confidence about yourself. 

We want you to know that no matter what your obstacles are, with focused coaching, consistency, and a few key changes, you can become who you want to be!

Kris B

I strongly recommend Peak Conditioning and Fitness. Josh Spencer is a knowledgeable and motivational trainer. I was intimidated and apprehensive about starting with a personal trainer as I had limited experience with weight training. I’m so grateful I made the decision to call PCF. Josh was instrumental in easing my anxiety by building up my confidence. He coached with a perfect balance of challenging me and also focusing on my level by making sure I had the correct form. He not only explained how to perform each movement, but also why.

Josh went the extra mile by assigning homework for me to work on between training sessions. He provided helpful videos of him performing each exercise. I had the option of going into the gym or doing them from home...

Our Elite Experts

Our ELITE trainers have undergone intensive training to help you conquer your fear of weights!  Their dynamic and dedicated training techniques not only teach you success, but challenge themselves to achieve and compete in their fitness skills.

Expecting you to sign up for a membership without seeing the gym is a crazy request!

You probably think we are just another training facility looking to sign up as many people as possible while expecting you to fail a week after you sign up.

Hiring a trainer is a HUGE commitment. It comes with questions and fears.

We are not here to waste your time or money. 

Before meeting in person, we set you up with one of our ELITE trainers.  Through the phone call, we will learn how we can help you, give you a brief background, determine training recommendations, and if the fit is right, schedule an in person consult. 

At the consult, we will review movement patterns, look for red flags, and confirm your training direction as discussed via the phone call.  If the fit is still good, we will start training immediately.  


You could be asking yourself if our trainers will really understand you, truly tailor your needs or just throw you into an endless sea of repetitive exercises, and/or do we even have the expertise to help you meet your needs?


You need answers.

Start a conversation with a trainer and get your questions answered.

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