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Speech of the Week: Accountability starts with you

“How are you going to hold me accountable?” 

This question, in one variation or another, comes up pretty regularly when I’m intaking a new client, and it’s a fair, albeit misguided one. 

And I’ve noticed a curious trend: if someone is being genuinely curious, they have a better chance of long-term success than someone who is asking in an accusatory, “what are you going to do for me?” way. 

That second guy’s chances of flaming out are much higher to the point that it almost seems like a rule. 

Why is that? 

Because he’s expecting me to do the work for him. 

Let’s dig into it:  

How do you want me to hold you accountable? 

What are you expecting? 

If you don’t measure up to an artificial performance standard, do you want me to yell at you? 

If you miss a session do you want me to give you a call to make sure that you’re feelings aren’t hurt? 

Do I need to hold your hand and help you re-arrange your schedule to make sure that you’re in the right head-space before, during, and after your workout? 

Do you want me to fire you, write a bad review about you, blacklist you with other gyms in town?  

It should be clear that all of the above is nonsense. 

Real accountability starts and ends with you. 

Just like I can’t actually do the workouts and burn your calories for you, I can’t ultimately be accountable for you.  

Your body and ability or lack of ability to perform will hold you accountable.  Your health, mental and physical, will hold you accountable.  Your family (missed moments, example set) and career (especially if you are in the military, a first responder, or a fitness pro)  may even hold you accountable.  

So what bills do you want to pay now, and what bills do you want to pay later?  That’s the real math.  

As for me, I can shine a light for you.  I can be your adventure guide.  I can bring you into an environment where making good decisions for your health and body is a lot easier.  As for any sort of “hardcore” accountability, I’m not your dad.  

Here’s how I’ll hold you accountable:

If we’re working together, we have regularly scheduled, recurring sessions.  I’ll know, just like you will, if you make them or not.  So make them.  

I’ll make sure you get the right mix of improving your lifting and movement quality and sheer effort.  Don’t expect to be doing super-sexy Instagram-worthy stuff.  It’s all about the basics: for strength, if you can’t move well, you can’t lift heavier. 

For cardio, if you move too slowly, speed up.  If you think I can’t hold you accountable to that in a session, try me.  

If you’re ready for homework, you’ll get trackable homework, either workouts or nutrition to practice.  If you don’t or won’t do your homework, or don’t perform well in your sessions, I won’t waste time writing you individualized homework.  If you don’t or can’t track your assigned nutritional practices on a weekly basis, then I won’t coach you in nutrition.  

Lastly, I’ll also give you a perspective outside of your box that will either call you out on your B.S. or confirm that you’re on the right track.  

Bottom line is I’ll be here.  Will you?    

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