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I've been training with Josh at PCF for 2.5 years. Josh gets it. He is able to see capabilities in you that you are unable to see in yourself. He is able push you to be your best in a way that is empowering. He will create a program specifically for you and your goals and mixes it up so the workouts are never boring. If you are serious about your health and want to make fitness a lifestyle - visit PCF!"


I have had memberships at the bigger gyms in Longmont and they don’t compare to the service at Peak Conditioning. Josh and his team are top notch on making sure your form is correct and pushing you to reach your goals. I am stronger and leaner thanks to Josh and I continue to improve. The atmosphere is fun, focused, relaxed, and motivated. I not only enjoy the coaches, but my peers. I highly suggest this gym!


Peak Conditioning is the place to go for the best hands on training you can get. In my experience, you will get a better, more personalized training plan that PRODUCES results! Plus, as an added bonus, you get a trainer who actually cares about your physical wellbeing and is actively trying to seek out the best way for you to improve your fitness, and reach health goals. They're not just in it for the money folks, they want to see you actually succeed.


Everyone has to start somewhere and fear of change and new things is normal!  Whether you’re a complete beginner who just needs to learn what to do, looking for a complete transformation to your physique, or just trying to age gracefully, there are 3 main functional areas that we will develop together:

Strength training and conditioning exercises are the tools to unlock your potential: new muscle, fluid command of your movements, more energy and vigor. 

Mindset drills and coaching talks help you reframe your challenges, align your priorities, and remove mental clutter that stands in your way. 

Consistency and accountability anchor you, give you a place of belonging, and help you navigate the path to your goals when challenges inevitably arise.    


As an avid hunter, I have unique fitness needs to prepare for challenging hikes in the mountains at altitude, carrying gear. Peak Conditioning and Fitness in Longmont, with Josh and his team of trainers, has been a game changer for me. They have not only helped me achieve my general fitness goals but have also focused on preparing me for these demanding excursions.

Josh and the team take the time to understand my specific requirements, designing workouts that address both my need for peak condition before my trips and the management of my old injuries during training. Their expertise and personal attention to each client make all the difference.

The gym itself is clean, well-equipped, and welcoming, ensuring an enjoyable workout experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Peak Conditioning and Fitness to fellow athletes and anyone looking to improve their fitness level while addressing individual challenges. 

Meet Our Team

Our team excels at breaking down the complex and bringing you actionable steps to success, wherever you are starting from.  With a combined 36 years of coaching, training, and sports performance experience, our trainers have undergone extensive training and continue to pursue their own personal performance and competitive goals.  They each have a different take but the same ethic: improvement through consistency. 

Workout Facility


Our Methods

What is functional fitness?

The coaches talk best exercises across the 7 basic human movements.

What is functional, function, functionality? (adj, n/v, n)?

Josh is perplexed as to why this is a buzzword in the fitness industry and decides it's time to define it (or at least qualify it).

Jordan is learning to like pushups. People need a lot of tolerance built into their schedules and routines.

Get to Know Us

We live by the 1% rule.  
So many people want to see change especially in their physique immediately.  Not only is this unstable, but it is unrealistic. 

Here at PCF we just ask for your minimum. 

What is the 1% daily improvement that you can give us?  

Where will you be a year from now? 
We hear it all the time.  It really is true.  Small incremental daily changes add up to HUGE results! 
If you committed to a daily 1%, within 3 months, you would improve your situation by 90%.  
Within 6 months, would cause you to improve by 180%
And you guessed it, 1 year from now you could change your life by a whooping 365%  

Imagine it.  How could this year be different then the last? 

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