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Speech of the Week: Land of Infinite Distraction

We’ve never had access to so much information.  We’ve also never had so much distraction, over-analysis, and indecisiveness. 

The fitness industry is no exception and is actually maybe a prime example of that!   The functional fitness scene is especially prone to this. 

Every variation of Barbell, Kettlebell, Dumbbell workout under the sun. 

Rounds, sets, reps, circuits, flows. 

Bands, cables, gadgets. 

So many shiny objects to side-track you. 

So many squirrels to chase!  

Everything that you see someone else do makes you think that you need that in your routine.  Without it you won’t get your “breakthrough.”  Someone else holds this secret, key,  “wisdom” that you have been incomplete without. 

This is what Craig Weller, head strength programmer at Precision Nutrition, refers to as “The Land of Infinite Distraction”. 

Basically, it’s an electronically induced, exercise oriented FOMO.    

So stop it.  Stop thinking that everything you see is what you need.  The progress you seek comes from consistent and relentless pursuit of fundamental strength moves. 

Here’s your plan:

1.  Get off Instagram.  Most of what you see there is either fake or wildly misrepresented.  

2.  Start working out consistently, permanently.  Yes, to have lasting results you will have to change your life.  

3.  Get good at pushups, pullups, and squats (or something along their spectrum).    

4.  Slow your eating down and eat until you are satisfied.  Practice being comfortable without being too full.  

5.  Do something that increases your cardio.  Running or hiking is preferred, but if you can’t tolerate that or fit it into your schedule, almost any activity that raises your heart rate for medium amount of time is good.  

That’s it. 

Those are the fundamentals. 

The above is what will change your appearance, feelings, and performance. 

They should be the primary building blocks of your workout.


Everything else in your workout should directly assist you in getting better at the above.  It should help you move more easily and with less pain or help you be more resilient.  

And yes, there are a lot of exercises to select from when you are choosing secondary and tertiary work to fill out a session. 

But you know what, that’s a great reason to get a coach.    

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